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Member Awards

Updated July 29, 2018


Helen Keller Fellowship Recipients

Andrew Smith, Jim Fair,  Janice Burton, Micheline Lush,

Len Crocker, Gary Wilson, Bill Pinder


Melvin Jones Fellow Recipients

Jim Fair, Len Crocker,  Gary Wilson, Bill Pinder, Billy Davidson


Judge Brian Stevenson Recipients

Len Crocker, Bill Pinder, Jim Fair, Gary Wilson,

Micheline Lush, Rick Lush, George McCully


​Honourary Life Memberships

Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation Recipients

Pauline Trumble, Phillip Trumble


Lions Quest Fellowship

Julie Wilson, Janice Burton, Rick Lush, Pauline Trumble,

Darlene Cappuccitti, Siabh McCarthy


Lions Foundation of Canada Fellowships

100% Club (All members have Honourary Life Memberships)

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